Effects of Baobab (Andasonia digitata) Seed Meal on Growth and Morphometric Traits in Broiler Chickens

FE Micheal Sola-Ojo, AA Toye, SAO Bolu, V Ojo, KM Okukpe, OI Alli, KD Adeyemi, SO Garba


The effects of graded levels of Decorticated Undefatted Roasted Baobab Seed Meal (DURBSM) on the growth and
morphometric traits in Arbor Acre broilers were investigated from week 4 to 7. One hundred and twenty broiler chicks were allotted
randomly to four treatment groups of DURBSM (0%, 2.5%, 5% and 7.5%) to 30 birds each, with 3 replicates per treatment in a
completely randomized design. Parameters measured include Body weight (BW), Body Length (BL) and Girth (BG), Length and
Diameter of Shank (SL) and (SD), Lengths of Thigh (TL), Wing (WL) and Keel (KL). Other body parts which are indication of
overall growth were also significantly (P<0.05) affected by DURBSM at 7 weeks of age. Thus, the results of these findings indicate
that the inclusion of DURBSM in broiler feed at 7.5% could increase the rate of development in morphometric traits that are
indication of overall growth traits and development in broilers chicken.

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