Changes in the phytate, calcium and zinc concentrations during the traditional processing of maize into "Ogi" and "Eko

O O Odukoya, O O Akinawo


The changes in the level of phytate and free minerals (calcium and zinc) during the processing of maize into "Ogi" and "Eko" were studied.   The concentration of phytate decreased significantly with each stage of processing (P < 0.001).  the method effectively reduced the phytate by 87.5% in 'Ogi' and 87.4% in 'Eko'. Milling and subsequent separation of the chaff accounts for most of the decrease observed.  The free minerals released during the processing appearred mostly in the by-products, namely, steeping water supernatant and chaff. The nutritive value of 'Ogi' and 'Eko' can be improved by incorporating the supernatant and the chaff into the final product.

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