Effect of Plant Population Density on Growth and Development of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria

I Yerima


The effect of plant population density on growth experiment was carried out in 1992 during the first maize growing season (June - Sept.) inIbadan,Nigeria(7o24' 3o48'E).  The row spacing was 60cm for all the three treatments and the interrow spacing was 75, 90 and 120 to give three different plant population densities of 88,888 pl/ha, 74,074 pl/ha and 55,555 pl/ha with one plant per stand with 20% and 33.3% incremental rate between plant population densities.

     All the three growth parameters measured recorded no significant differences aming the three plants population densities (88,000, 72,000 and 55,000 plants/ha) throughout the period of the experiment.  Although the highest and medium plant population densities (88,000 and 74,000 plants/ha) had higher values than the lowest plant population density (55,000 plants/ha).

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