Studies of the Population Dynamics of the Snail Vector of Schistosomiasis: The situation in the Lake Alau Reservoir

S M.C Ezeugwu, C E Okaka


The construction of dams and irrigation channels usually results in the establishment of snail vectors of schistosomiasis.  The near stagnant nature of the water provides suitable environment for the luxuriant growth of algae that act as a major source of food for the snail vectors.  The seasonal variation of the snail Bulinus globosus was studied fore two years.  The result showedthat the bulinidsnails were more abundant between May and September.  The sampling segment C with the least volume of water recorded the highest snail abundance.  The survey of school children at Armawa Primary school (close to the dam) showed an incidence of 44.5% for schistosomiasis.

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