Evaluation of P-uptake in Coffea canephora (Pierre ex Froehner) under different shade regimes

A O Famaye, A A Agboola, C R Obatolu


Phosphorus uptake studies in Coffea canephoraPierreex Froehner were undertaken at Idi-Ayunre,IbadanOyoStateandUhonmoraEdoStaterepresenting the rainforest and derived savanna zones respectively between 1995-1997.  One hundred and sixty five kilograms per hectare of rock phosphate were applied.  The experiment was a randomized complete block design in factorial layout with 4 replicates.

      The least P – uptake was 21.81 g/plant and 35.10g/plant at Idi-Ayunre and Uhonmora under 100% shade while the highest under 50% shade were 52.40g/plant and 49.45g/plant at Idi-Ayunre and Uhonmora respectively.  The P – uptake under 50% shade was significantly higher (p=0.05) than 100% shade regime in the two ecological zones considered.

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