Growth response of Clarias anguillaris fingerlings fed larvae of Musca domestica and soyabean diet in the laboratory

C G Achionye-Nzeh, O S Ngwudo


Fingerlings of Clarias anquillaris were fed frozen larvae of Musca domestica, soyabean diet and commercial feed for a period of 42 days in the laboratory.  The results indicated that frozen larvae of Musca domestica (maggot) promoted highest specific growth rate (1.55) and best mean weight of 5.04g in fingerlings of Clarias anguillaris while fingerlings fed soyabean diet and commercial diet recorded specific growth of 0.70 and 0.82 respectively.  The larvae of Musca domestica are being recommended for Clarias anguillaris production because it promoted fast growth rate in the fingerlings.


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