Length-weight relationship and condition factor of four fish species from Wasai Reservoir in Kano, Nigeria

TS Imam, U Bala, ML Balarabe, TI Oyeyi


Study on length-weight relationship and condition factor of four fish species i.e. Tilapia zilli, O.niloticus, Hemichromis bimaculatus and Clarias gariepinus from Wasai reservoir in Kano was conducted seasonally from January to December, 2009. Six hundred and sixty six (660) fish samples were collected by artisanal fishermen using various fishing gears, the fish samples were preserved in formalin and taken to laboratory for identification and measurement of length and weight. The results recorded in this study shows negative pattern of allometric growth in which all of the species b values analysed do not reach up to 3. With maximum b values of 2.5 obtained from T.zilli in wet season as the highest at P<0.01. The maximum condition factor (K) of 3.4 was recorded during the wet season from T.zilli. The b values of the all the four fish species indicated a negative allometric growth of the fish sampled.

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