Agricultural Tractor Ownership and Off-Season Utilization in Ogun State, South Western Nigeria

SM Dauda, G Agidi, MA Shotunde


This study examines the concept of Agricultural tractor ownership and off-season utilization in Ogun State. Data were collected on fifty-three (53) randomly selected tractors from twelve out of the twenty local government areas in the state, through the administration of a structured questionnaire. The result of the study showed that 32.08% of the respondent had tertiary education, 22.64% had secondary education, 26. 42% and 9.43% had primary and professional qualifications respectively. Forty-five percent of them were between age range 41-50years, 24.52% between 31-40years, 16.98% between 51years and above and 13.2% between 21-30years. The tractors largely, Massey Fergusson, Styr and Fiat were used mainly for ploughing. The average capacity utilization for ploughing by each tractor was 289 ha/year and they were hardly used during the off-season. Majority of the tractors were poorly serviced and maintained, while service records for tractors were either non-existent or insufficient, and their current owners had overhauled 89% of the tractors. Tractors experience frequent problems with hydraulic and transmission systems. Other problems such as engine oil leakage, front wheel bearings failure, steering and accessories were observed. Tractor owners were reluctant to use their tractors for non-ploughing activities like slashing, generator, etc. They were not vigorously used during off season in order not to risk damage. Regarding farming as a profitable business, farmers could engage their tractors in all year activities such as threshing, towing of vehicle and transportation. These show potential for making ownership cost effective, but it is advisable to do cost analysis of farm operations for farmers to realize profit while issues of maintenance should be given serious attention.

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