Geohelminth eggs in market soils in Benin-City, Nigeria

EU Edosomwan, KN Uwakwe


A survey of soil transmitted helminthes (STH) in different markets of Benin City was carried out using the test-tube floatation method.  A total of three hundred (300) samples from different sections of the markets were examined and 82 (27.33%) samples had various geohelminth eggs.  The parasite prevalence rates were Ascaris lumbricoides (30.99%), Necator americanus (20.25%), Trichuris trichuria (16.12%), Strongyloides stercoralis (10.33%).  The prevalence of these helminth eggs is attributed to indiscriminate disposal of faeces and refuse in and around the markets.  The study re-emphasizes the need for public health enlightenment especially amongst women.  In addition, the government should enforce proper waste disposal strategies and provision of public toilets in market places.  This will go a long way to reduce or control helminth infections.

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