Performance of Soybean (Glycine max L.) Variety in Salt-treated Soil Environment Following Salicylic Acid Mitigation

ED Vwioko


The application of salicylic acid (SA) as mitigation for depression of crop performance in saline soil environments has
gained good attention from scientists. In this study, the growth performance of Glycine max (L.) Merril (variety TGx 1448-2E) plants
subjected to salinity treatments for four weeks before salicylic acid application as soil drench was investigated. Sodium chloride
concentrations applied to soil were 0mM, 30mM, 50mM, 70mM, and 90mM. These were applied to the soil before and after planting
up till four weeks after planting (4WAP) before SA mitigation for another 4 weeks. Plant parameters recorded were germination, plant
height, number of leaves per plant, fresh and dry weights, number of fruits formed per plant and chlorophyll content of leaves. Soil
physicochemical properties, pH and EC were determined also. The experiment was designed as a completely randomized one. The
result indicated that percent germination of G. max seeds was affected by salt treatment generally. Nine weeks after planting (9WAP),
plant heights were depressed in those plants grown in soils without SA as stress ameliorant. Values obtained for SA mitigated plants
were higher than those of unmitigated plants. Differences in plant height recorded were significant (α=0.05). Data obtained for plant
parameters in this study indicated the enhancement effects of SA mitigation of salt stress. pH records taken 8WAP indicated very
negligible variation and as such the mechanism of amelioration by SA could not be ascribed to changes in soil condition even though
application of SA was on the soil. Soil EC values recorded some significant differences (α=0.05). Future study should be able to
explain the influence of SA application as soil drench on the partitioning of K, Na and Cl ions in roots and shoots. The study suggests
that SA mitigation was by increased chlorophyll contents of plants.

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