Space as a classic environment for microscopic and anatomical studies

F. A. Oluwafemi, E. Aregbe, O. Ameh, O. Ibraheem, F. Oyetunde, E. O. Okhuelegbe, R. A. Olubiyi, O. A. Adeleke, O. A. Adeniyi, L. Oluwafemi, O. A. Agboola


One of the major characteristics of the space environment is microgravity. Space environment is now classified as a classic environment because it has constantly proved to be an outstanding environment giving high quality products. Microbiologists study the behavior of microorganisms in the space environment as microorganisms can form biofilm which are mainly antibiotics resistant for playing essential roles in human health for novel therapeutics and vaccines.    Microscopic examination provides preliminary and tentative identification of cells (plant or animal). It reveals cell size, shape and structure. It is known from plant biology that plants have parenchyma cells that: make up plant structures including stems, roots, and leaves; they may be specialized to function in photosynthesis, storage, or transport; and they provide route of exchange for materials within and between the xylem and the phloem. Plants roots are structures specialized for anchorage, storage, absorption and conduction.  Plants roots-anatomy are very important for gravi-responses and in plant physiology generally. In this study, peanut seeds were grown under normal earth gravity and under simulated microgravity environment – using clinostat, a microgravity simulations equipment at the Microgravity Simulations Laboratory, National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Abuja, Nigeria. Using the plant roots, the result showed that there was longer root lengths of the peanut seeds under the simulated microgravity environment than the seeds under normal earth gravity which served as the control (P˂0.05). There were also the microscopic examinations of the roots of both samples. This paper discusses the specific differences in the roots anatomy including the root cells of these samples as viewed under the light microscope; and the specific deductions that could be made.

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