A Study of Penile Dimensions in Normal Young Adult Saudi Men

SA Ali, AE Ali


Concern over penile size and a desire for a longer penis are common in the young adult male population world wide. The purpose of the present study was to measure penile size in normal adult Saudi men to provide estimates of normal variations of penile dimensions and their complexes or satisfaction about their penile size. We evaluated flaccid and erect penile length, mid-shaft circumference and pre-pubic bone fat pad depth in a group of 200 young adult healthy Saudi males. The accuracy of how the subjects assessed their penile size was investigated by asking them to rate their penile size, as “very small”, “small”, “normal”, “large” or “very large”.

      The mean flaccid and erect penile length were found to be 9.3±1.3 cm and 13.7±1.6 cm respectively, whereas mean flaccid and erect penile circumferences were measured as 8.3±1.2 cm and 12.6±1.5 cm respectively. Fat pad depth in both the states was found to be 1.9±0.5 cm. The answer distribution on penile size was 1 (0.5%) “Very small”, 28 (14.0%) “small”, 162 (81.0 %) “normal”, 8 (4.0 %) “large” and 1 (0.5 %) “very large”.

       Significant differences in the mean penile length and circumference of Saudi men compared to the data reported from other countries were also observed. We suggest gaining more insight into the physiological aspects of penile dimensions to provide data that could be clinically applicable by the practicing andrologists/urologists for the men seeking an opinion on penile lengthening procedures which display a wide range of normal variability along the general population.

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