Prevalence of giardiasis among out-patients of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

AA Biu, I Bintu, ET Agbadu


A six- month prevalence study on Giardia parasites among patients that attended the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital was conducted using the formol-ether concentration method. Of the 256 patients examined, 85 (33.2%) haboured Giardia species, representing 39 (30.5%) and 46 (35.9%) for males and females, respectively (n = 128 each) (p>0.05). Ages between 2-25 years examined had a prevalence of 42 (22.2%), while those older than 25 years had a prevalence of 43(64.2%) (p<0.05). Of the 156 diarrhoeic patients examined, 64 (41.0%) were positive, while out of the 100 non-diarrhoeic patients, 21 (21.0%) were infected (p<0.05). The even spread of infection among patients throughout the period of study could be described as endemic in Maiduguri. This study is aimed at assessing the prevalence of giardiasis in Maiduguri with a view towards enhancing prospects for its control. The significance of these findings is further discussed.

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