Prevalence of HIV-1 Subtypes in Infected Concordant and Discordant Couples in Nigeria.

Georgina N Odaibo, David O Olaleye, Horst Ruppach, A A Fasanmade, I O Olubuyide, S.O Ola, Urusula Dietrich


The peptide binding immunoassay (PELISA) was used as previously described to determine HIV-1 subtypes among 60 married HIV-1 sero-positive individuals and their spouses identified at theUniversityCollegeHospital,Ibadanin order to investigate the rate of heterosexual partners by different HIV-1 subtypes inNigeria.

     Out of the 60 couples whose blood samples were analysed, 33 (55%) were both positive HIV while only one spouse of the couples was sero-positive among the other 27.  Using the McNemer test for discordant paired samples, an insignificant (P=0.0636) difference was obtained between male to female and female to male transmission.  Subtypes A, B, C and E were detected among these individuals.  Most (82.3%) of the subtype C and all of the subtype E (12) were detected among the transmitters (couples with concordant sero-positive status).

     This study indicates that HIV-1 subtypes C and E may be more efficiently transmitted heterosexually than the other subtypes.

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