Expression of heterosis in sugarcane genotypes under moisture stressed condition

M N. Ishaq, G. Olaoye


Production of sugarcane varieties that would be suitable for the drought prone ecologies has been a major concern in Nigeria. Effect of drought on sugarcane has been one of the limiting factors to its production. To this end, an effort was made to develop varieties that are tolerant to moisture stress through the expression of high vigour (heterosis). Four sugarcane genotypes (2 resistant and 2 susceptible) were planted along with their progenies in moisture stress and non-moisture stress condition for two years using randomised complete block design in each year. Result showed that progenies performed better than their parents in the moisture stress condition of both years with respect to important yield component like stalk height, number of stalks/stool and number of stools/plot. Progenies from tolerant parents also showed positive heterosis over mid-parents. This ranged from 3.21 –32.31%, confirming the presence of dominance. Heterosis over better parents were however mostly negative

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