The effects of gaseous pollutants from the exhaust- pipe of power generators on the epidermis of leaves of Elaeis guineensis Jacq

J E. Otoide, J. Kayode


The length and width of ten leaves, each of both polluted and non-polluted populations, of Elaeis guineensis (Tenera hybrid) were measured. Their average leaf areas (LA) were 69.70 ± 0.5 for the polluted populations and 102.41± 0.6 for the non-polluted populations. The stomatal pores of the polluted populations were plugged by pollutants while those of the non-polluted populations were opened. Also, the outer leaf surface of the polluted populations was glued with tiny particles of pollutants which had penetrated the cell walls and settle in the protoplasms of the cells. Such were not observed in the leaves of the non polluted population. Results from this study tend to suggest gaseous pollutants might have considerable effects on Elaesis  guineensis.

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