Anti-Spermatogenic Effects of Ficus sycomorus Aqueous Leaf Extract on Testes and Epididymis of Adult Male Wistar Rats

CL Sakpa, OO Wilson


The Effects of Aqueous Extract of Ficus sycomorus leaves on the testis, epididymis and sperm parameters in adult male Wistar rats was investigated. Eighteen [18] adult male rats were used for the experiment. The rats were randomly assigned into three groups; control group (A) and two treatment groups (B and C) with each containing six rats (n=6/group). Rats in group A were given feed mash and water ad libitum daily throughout the experimental period while animals in group B and C received 500mg/kg and 1500mg/kg body weight respectively of the Ficus sycomorus leaf extract in addition to the feed mash and water respectively. The rats were weighed before and at the end of the experimental period which lasted for 56 days. They were put under chloroform anesthesia and a mid-line incision was made through the ventral wall of the abdomen. The testis and epididymis were excised, weighed and fixed in Bouin’s fluid for routine histological examination while semen was collected from the vas deferens for sperm analysis. Data were expressed as Mean ± SEM. Significant difference between means were determined by t-test and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Results gave a significant decrease in the testicular and epididymal weights, total sperm count and sperm motility in the treated rats when compared with the control rats (p<0.05). A non-significant increase in the sperm abnormal morphology of treated rats when compared with the control rats (p>0.05) was also recorded. Histological findings revealed a dose dependent distortion of cellular architecture in the seminiferous tubules of the testes and a decrease in sperm quantity in the lumen of the epididymis causing oligospermia in low dose treated rats and azospermia in high dose treated rats. This study revealed that aqueous extract of Ficus sycomorus caused an antifertility effect by causing a reduction in the sperm count and motility, an increase in abnormal morphology and distortion of the testicular histology in a dose dependent manner.


Ficus sycomorus, Antifertility, Testes, Spermatozoa

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